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Big Data Driving Your Business Forward?

March 12th, 2015 » Posted in Architecture

Organizations that are able to successfully manage big data are seeing great success. Here are just a few examples of how big data can drive your business forward.

Mail Digital Marketing

Run highly successful marketing campaigns that generate many times the normal traffic or perform multiple rounds of real-time bidding ads in milliseconds with big data technologies.

 Big Data in customer segmentation Customer Segmentation

Integrate data from various sources to help drive more relevant search results, better placed ads or balance your in-game economy.

 Big Data in digital media Digital Media

Mine all types of unstructured media created by social media, videos, games, apps, and smart devices to determine customer sentiment and predict behavior.

 Big Data in recommendation engine and personalization Recommendation Engines

Utilize your existing and historical data to drive new business opportunities and features through recommendation engines.

 Big Data in log analytics Log Analytics

Sift through terabytes of application and web logs to learn more about your customer usage patterns, detect anomalous behavior in firewall security logs, and gain a real-time understanding of changing market conditions.

 Big Data in life sciences research Life Sciences Research

Accelerate the pace of scientific discovery running next-generation technology with scalable storage services, elastic compute infrastructure, and our big data portfolio of services.

Silnium and AWS Big Data Services

Amazon Web Services offers an end-to-end portfolio of cloud computing resources to help you manage big data by reducing costs, gaining a competitive advantage, and increasing the speed of innovation.

Working with Silnium, you can leverage these technologies to deliver great solutions to your business on strict timelines.

From collecting and processing, to archiving, Silnium can work with you to ensure that you leverage the AWS tools you need to manage big data. To learn more about some of the big data services, check out the following video.

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