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Cloud Computing: 3 Steps to Success

April 14th, 2015 » Posted in Architecture

Cloud Computing: 3 Steps to Success

Cloud Computing Solutions Implementation is Simple

In this article we present 3 Steps to successful Cloud Computing implementations. Cloud Computing offers an unprecedented set of advantages. If you manage it properly in your organization, you will be able to remove hardware-based resource constraints for running your development and test workloads.

Your capability to deliver innovative solutions will skyrocket, with new IT resources that are only a few clicks away, allowing you to reduce hardware procurement times and make new IT resources available to your developers in minutes, rather than weeks.
More than that, the following 3 steps will ensure that you achieve the success in a very inexpensive way.

1) Define the Strategy

Start by identifying the business drivers. Get educated, talk to vendors and key members of your IT staff.
Show how cloud can align with business needs, and articulate a value proposition. Assess your organizational readiness from financial, technical, business and governance perspectives.
Involve the Executive Management on the Strategy Development. Keep it to a small group of stakeholders at first, that will allow you to control better the expectations.

2) Prototype

Run a prototype with one or more scenarios that are of important value to your business. Identify an application to prototype, or develop a prototype for the investigation. Develop and communicate detailed requirements. Manage the prototype. Continuously assess and communicate the results. Evaluate against clearly defined success criteria. Leverage the Free-Tiers that vendors offer. Experiment with the tools that vendors provide. Design an end to end solution that shows the real benefits of the Cloud Technologies. Continue to manage expectations. Ensure that you communicate on the progress.

3) Get Executive Management Buy-In

At this point you have been managing the expectations carefully. Document and present the feedback from both the technology team, as well as the business users. Present the results to the management team. Show that cloud computing is right for your organization, and that it Is worth it. Get buy-in.

With Silnium

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