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Mobile Applications Development for the Enterprise

April 2nd, 2015 » Posted in Architecture

mobile development

Creating an Elegant Mobile Solution is Simple

Integrate 3rd party solutions in the Mobile World with Silnium

Use our experience in its entirety or complement your development team to achieve the functionality your business needs. At Silnium, we embrace developer flexibility and existing enterprise infrastructure. Silnium solutions are designed to easily enable third-party integrations.

  • Learn how to deliver solutions with coverage for all devices, even wearables across all major platforms designed for a mobile-first world.
  • Maximize developer productivity with the most complete toolset decoupled from the services layer to enable rapid iterations for an agile world.
  • An integrated set of services designed to work on or replace the traditional middleware in a scalable way.
  • Use our services or bring in the best-of-breed third-party solutions.
  • Extend your existing databases, security infrastructure and policies to Silnium services to reduce app delivery costs and complexities.

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